#006 Weekly Illustration

With all my good intentions of making an illustration a week, sometimes things slip through my fingers. However, after 2 fun filled days in Vegas I came back feeling exhausted, but full of creativity and drive. 

This little gal is based off of a little sketch I posted to Instagram early yesterday. I loved the sketch so much I felt the need to render this little babe out. It was completely designed in Illustrator, my favorite program, and posted to my social medias late last night. I purposely kept the design very geometric and simple in style as I want to try my hand at making this into a cut paper creation later this week.  

#005 Weekly Illustration

Exciting news! I got approved as an artist again for Salt Lake Comic Con! You'll be seeing more designs like this over the coming months. If you don't know, this is Dean and Sam's Impala from Supernatural. One of my favorite shows!

If you can't wait till Comic Con, this print is available in my Society6 shop.

#004 Weekly Illustration

Not exactly an illustration, but a cut-paper creation inspired from week #002. It was WAY too cute not to share. This little dude will be up in the shop within the next few days. 

Exploring art through cut-paper is a real treat. Not only is it a challenge, but the end result can either be awesome, or just terrible. Like most art! I think I will continue to work in this medium off and on. What would you like to see made into paper art?

#002 Weekly Illustration

Believe in a little bit of magic! I believe I will find you Nessie; and we will be best friends, and we will have epic pool parties, and I will make you a saddle that you will destroy since you cannot be bound!


Help me rock September's Comic Con with your art print desires and dreams! Take a look at the image of the prints in question and vote for the ones you are most interested in. This will help me provide you with the prints you want and eliminate ones you don't care for. You don't have to be attending Salt Lake Comic Con to vote. I'm strictly look for feedback on what is popular so I can better understand you! Thanks!

Lady Hades

I am completely fascinated with Greek mythology. There are so many interesting myths and characters and all the stories are so strange. Artists have been reinventing these gods and goddess since their conception, so naturally, I wanted to join in. I present my Lady Hades! She is the ruler of the Underworld and is not only powerful, but beautiful and spooky. I hope you enjoy!