graphic design

#006 Weekly Illustration

With all my good intentions of making an illustration a week, sometimes things slip through my fingers. However, after 2 fun filled days in Vegas I came back feeling exhausted, but full of creativity and drive. 

This little gal is based off of a little sketch I posted to Instagram early yesterday. I loved the sketch so much I felt the need to render this little babe out. It was completely designed in Illustrator, my favorite program, and posted to my social medias late last night. I purposely kept the design very geometric and simple in style as I want to try my hand at making this into a cut paper creation later this week.  

#002 Weekly Illustration

Believe in a little bit of magic! I believe I will find you Nessie; and we will be best friends, and we will have epic pool parties, and I will make you a saddle that you will destroy since you cannot be bound!


Can you believe it! We are going to have a new Star Wars movie! May all the nerds (myself included) rejoice! In anticipation, I have been slowing putting together fun posters of some of my favorite Star Wars things. I hope you enjoy, and if you are interested in getting prints of said posters, visit my Society6 page:

I'll be making a few more over the next few weeks. If you like the series, keep checking back for more designs. You can also find them on my social media accounts!