Can you believe it! We are going to have a new Star Wars movie! May all the nerds (myself included) rejoice! In anticipation, I have been slowing putting together fun posters of some of my favorite Star Wars things. I hope you enjoy, and if you are interested in getting prints of said posters, visit my Society6 page:

I'll be making a few more over the next few weeks. If you like the series, keep checking back for more designs. You can also find them on my social media accounts!


Help me rock September's Comic Con with your art print desires and dreams! Take a look at the image of the prints in question and vote for the ones you are most interested in. This will help me provide you with the prints you want and eliminate ones you don't care for. You don't have to be attending Salt Lake Comic Con to vote. I'm strictly look for feedback on what is popular so I can better understand you! Thanks!

Lady Hades

I am completely fascinated with Greek mythology. There are so many interesting myths and characters and all the stories are so strange. Artists have been reinventing these gods and goddess since their conception, so naturally, I wanted to join in. I present my Lady Hades! She is the ruler of the Underworld and is not only powerful, but beautiful and spooky. I hope you enjoy!

Questions + Answers

Fun Fact: I am the worst blogger ever. I honestly can never think of something to write about. I figured instead of me blathering on about nothing, that I would answer any questions you have.

Do I paint for a living? What is the best sketchbook to buy? Do I have 9 toes instead of 10? Ask away! I will answer any questions that are friendly and appropriate. As always, treat each other, and myself, with kindness and respect.

Post your questions in the comment below. You can always post to my other social media accounts as well. Let the games begin!


As you might guess, my social media accounts are chuck full of artists. I'm constantly looking to other artists/designers for inspiration, techniques and career advice. Today I want to share a few of my favorite artists. They range from oil and acrylic painters to computer Jedi masters.

If you like any of these talented individuals, give them a follow and lend them your support. Trust me, it's well deserved!


This guy is a powerhouse. I originally found him on YouTube while watching speed paint videos (one of my guilty pleasures). I personally have a print of the first image called "Creepy Girl," and it's one of my favorite prints I possess. Alister also does a great deal of work for the band Ghost Town (they are soooo good) and now has t-shirts available at Hot Topic. You can follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter



I'm sure you have seen at least one of her computer generated master pieces. She makes a great deal of fandom art and has had her Doctor Who designs on the cover of multiple magazines. I purchased the "Virtuoso" from Society6 and it makes me drool every time I look at it. The color palette and "brush strokes" are of a true professional. Alice can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Society6 


Nikki is one of my best friends and is one of the most talented people I know! She has a style like no one else, and I can't be trusted around her sketchbook. She is not only a wickedly talented artist, but graphic designer as well. Her Avenger Series is gorgeous, and you can't deny that line work. NIKKI YOU KILL ME! Nikki can be found on Facebook, Society6, Instagram and Twitter



If you live in the Great Salt Lake area, you undoubtably have a print or t-shirt by Isaac. I had the pleasure of meeting him this past year at Comic Con. He is disturbingly talented and has the best mirroring skills I have ever seen in a sketchbook. I personally have the "Vulture" print, and I can seriously stare at it for hours. Isaac also had a kickstarter campaign this year to print high quality t-shirts with his amazing art and was successful! Isaac can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Glenn is a self taught artist based out of California and paints some of the most gorgeous female portraits. I follow Glenn on all my social media outlets and I'm always excited to see what he is working on and how freaking fast he is! I swear this dude cranks out a paint once a week! Glenn has a true talent, and his subject choices are fantastic. As you can guess, I have one of this prints (Mars Attacks!) Glenn can be found on Facebook, Twitter and

These are a few for today. I will post similar content over the next few months. If you are an artist, designer, illustrator, makeup artist, FX artist, etc, etc, etc. share your work with me! I would love to see your art, and who knows, you might just get a shout out! Thanks for reading.

If you have enjoyed this post, do me a favor and like, follow and share. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact me. 

Original painting by Lindsey Cowley of Jupiter Falling - Rawr!