#008 Weekly Illustration

Star Trek: Phaser Gun | Buy a print HERE

With Salt Lake Comic Con less then a month away, I have been cranking out new designs in this consistent style I'm trying out this year. I absolutely love being an artist at comic con and this year, I'm trying a whole new marketing aspect. 

I'll be candid, I'm usually lucky to break even at SLCC. Which has spurred me into researching and gauging my audience to see what I can do to make my art standout and be more appealing to a broader audience. This has been tough as art is so objective (particularly at comic con) and its a challenge to hit a large audience. However, I needed to figure something out or I may have to let the dream of showing at multiple cons each year go. Hence, the new consistent style. 

If you are interested in knowing about what my plans are and what I have learned, keep reading. If not, skip the text and check out the new designs! Trust me, I wont hold it against you.

Harry Potter: Slytherin House | Buy a Print HERE

Harry Potter: Gryffindor House | Buy a Print HERE

For the past 3 year I haven't had a plan. Well, let me rephrase, I didn't know what kind of goal I was aiming for. At first, showing at SLCC was just so fun I didn't worry about how much it was actually costing me each time. Particularly when they had two cons a year. 

In my head I was just happy to be there and getting to interact with fun people and spend three glorious days with friends. This is what drove me back each year. However, this year I sat down and thought about what my ideal job would be and then it became obvious. If I could find a way to become a full time illustrator I would be the happiest little nerd in town. 

Harry Potter: Ravenclaw | Buy a Print HERE

Harry Potter: Hufflepuff House | Buy a Print HERE

This meant research, testing and a consistent style. I tested a small group of Star War prints at the last con and I basically sold out on all of them and sold no originals designs. This gave me a solid direction to move towards, and that fan art is king. 

I also watched other artists. I took note of what people were saying and what they were selling the most of. This not only gave me an understanding of what people are looking for at cons, but every booth that was doing well had a very consistent and unique style. People knew that they liked the artistic style, which would then drive them in to see if their favorite fandom was portrayed in that particular style. Also, watching what people were carrying around gives you many clues as to what is popular. 

Ghostbusters: Print coming soon

I also listened to Will Terry (on his YouTube channel) and his experience at SLCC. He is a children's book illustrator and has a large following to begin with. However, hearing about his experience and the things he did and is doing to make himself more successful was very valuable. 

The last and most eye-opening thing was talking with other artist alley participates. They provided a larger understand of the market in Utah. Overall, most don't do as well as they do at other cons. This encourage me apply for other conventions as a possible artist.

Somehow I got accepted into SDCC last year, but due to the fact that SLCC was on the same weekend and that I had already paid to be at SLCC I missed that chance. That being said, I may get accepted next year. One can only hope. I'm currently waiting to hear from Emerald City Comic Con and I may check out some other ones around out here. Any suggestions?

Finally, I'm going to shamefully plug my booth at SLCC. I will be in Artist Alley, booth Purple 7 on September 1-3. If you are at the con come over and say hi! You don't need to buy anything to say hi. I will have these designs and more in 4X6 prints and older large 11X14 prints on sale. I hope to see you there and I hope if you have been considering joining the con madness that I have provided you with some direction to be successful. I'll report back after the con if my drastic move worked. 

Live Long and Prosper! Nerd out. 

#007 Weekly Illustration

I'm sure I'm not the only nerd here, so I bet I'm not the only one freaking out about the Star Trek: Beyond movie. I had some serious doubts when I saw the first teaser trailer, but then, I was completely knocked off my feet when they dropped the second one. Naturally that meant I needed to start designing the numerous Enterprise's for this years Salt Lake Comic Con. 

Also, you can bet your butt that I'm seeing Star Trek: Beyond tonight. SO PUMPED!

This particular schematic is NCC-1701 of Star Trek Next Generation. What other versions would you like to see? If I get no opinions I'll make the decision for you. Mahahaha! ;) 

I have a whole list of designs I'm aiming to get completed before Salt Lake Comic Con. I can't believe it's only 36 days away!!! I need to get some serious work done before then. I'll give you guys my current list of "need to do" designs: Pokemon, GoT, Tron, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Back to the Future and more. 

That is all for this weekly illustration. Well, not exactly weekly since I'm terrible and have too many things on my plate to really have something weekly... Nevertheless, Live Long and Prosper!


#006 Weekly Illustration

With all my good intentions of making an illustration a week, sometimes things slip through my fingers. However, after 2 fun filled days in Vegas I came back feeling exhausted, but full of creativity and drive. 

This little gal is based off of a little sketch I posted to Instagram early yesterday. I loved the sketch so much I felt the need to render this little babe out. It was completely designed in Illustrator, my favorite program, and posted to my social medias late last night. I purposely kept the design very geometric and simple in style as I want to try my hand at making this into a cut paper creation later this week.  

#005 Weekly Illustration

Exciting news! I got approved as an artist again for Salt Lake Comic Con! You'll be seeing more designs like this over the coming months. If you don't know, this is Dean and Sam's Impala from Supernatural. One of my favorite shows!

If you can't wait till Comic Con, this print is available in my Society6 shop.

#004 Weekly Illustration

Not exactly an illustration, but a cut-paper creation inspired from week #002. It was WAY too cute not to share. This little dude will be up in the shop within the next few days. 

Exploring art through cut-paper is a real treat. Not only is it a challenge, but the end result can either be awesome, or just terrible. Like most art! I think I will continue to work in this medium off and on. What would you like to see made into paper art?

#002 Weekly Illustration

Believe in a little bit of magic! I believe I will find you Nessie; and we will be best friends, and we will have epic pool parties, and I will make you a saddle that you will destroy since you cannot be bound!