#007 Weekly Illustration

I'm sure I'm not the only nerd here, so I bet I'm not the only one freaking out about the Star Trek: Beyond movie. I had some serious doubts when I saw the first teaser trailer, but then, I was completely knocked off my feet when they dropped the second one. Naturally that meant I needed to start designing the numerous Enterprise's for this years Salt Lake Comic Con. 

Also, you can bet your butt that I'm seeing Star Trek: Beyond tonight. SO PUMPED!

This particular schematic is NCC-1701 of Star Trek Next Generation. What other versions would you like to see? If I get no opinions I'll make the decision for you. Mahahaha! ;) 

I have a whole list of designs I'm aiming to get completed before Salt Lake Comic Con. I can't believe it's only 36 days away!!! I need to get some serious work done before then. I'll give you guys my current list of "need to do" designs: Pokemon, GoT, Tron, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Back to the Future and more. 

That is all for this weekly illustration. Well, not exactly weekly since I'm terrible and have too many things on my plate to really have something weekly... Nevertheless, Live Long and Prosper!