The Mojave Desert

Four days ago, a few friends and a hundred other rad ladies, made the voyage into the sweltering California desert. We were all heading to one place. The ACE Hotel in Palm Springs for the third annual DesignerVACA. What is DesignerVACA you may ask? Well, gather around young children and I shall tell you a tale of creative wonder and of frozen strawberry margaritas.


At DesignerVACA you can count on great company, engaging conversations, a cooling and refreshing pool, more sun than you can ever hope for, super sweet mid-century architecture and endless cocktails. 

The ACE sign provides excellent photo opportunities

The ACE sign provides excellent photo opportunities

We left Tuesday afternoon and stopped in Las Vegas and scored a super sweet 5 star room at the Vdara for almost nothing. I'm telling you, Priceline Negotiation hooked us up good! We played our favorite slot machine, Sex and the City, but it didn't pay out Big. Ha! Get it? Big?!


We got up early the next day and hit the road, but made one pit stop at the Alien Jerky Shop in Baker California. It's a super fun store that sales everything alien, a million kinds of jerky and for you heat lovers, over a hundred unique hot sauces! It's a must stop shop. 

Vegas + Alien Jerky Shop

Around 3:30PM we hit Palm Springs. That evening we had a introductory dinner and had the night to meet and mingle. Over the course of the next day and a half I met extremely interesting and talented women from across the country and Canada. We lounged by the pool with drinks in hand and talked shop and got to know one another. 

Valerie Jar - valeriejar.com | Sarah Martin - allglitterandgodlike.tumber.com | Nikki Hancock - nikkimakesthings.com

I wanted to find a way to fit this sign into the car and take it home!

King's Highway Diner in the ACE Hotel

What you can expect: You can expect to meet a ton of cool gals at DesignerVACA and gain some knowledge and inspiration from those around you. It is indeed more like a vacation. There are no "conference" events. You can expect conversation about design topics and thoughts, but you are not going to receiving any formal lectures.

Overall this was a fun trip with friends. I gained knowledge on time management apps and pricing suggestions, which I desperately needed. If you decide to go to DesignerVACA next year, here is my one piece of advice. YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. If you want the experience, you need to get out of your own way. Try to break out of your shell! I'm not going to lie, it took me a good day to finally start mingling and not be latched onto my friend group.

With all this said. Get out there! Meet people in your field. You never know what you might learn and who my might meet. Lets face it, the world is built on "who you know." So get to know everyone!

"We are all in this together"