While the client and I went a different direction with the logo (and painting), this branding had it's merit. To pay homage to the long standing history of the company, the logo was initially designed to be very retro. This design and color palette adds a playfulness to the design, but it can also double as a powerful image when inverted for darker backgrounds. 


Due to client privacy I can't disclose any information about this project other then it's used for a podcast. The design is simplistic in nature with the incorporation of a microphone and a "G" for the podcast's title. 


Wasatch Baskets & Gifts needed a complete rebranding to bring them into the modern age. Being a local, they pride themselves in being a Wasatch based company; so a logo that reflected the pride was needed. Not only does their new logo match the current owners desire for the company, but incorporates subtle design elements from their baskets. The use of dashed lines to hint at woven baskets and the ribbon that spans across the bottom is an obvious nod toward their products.